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LPG & Natural Gas

LPG & Natural Gas Sydney

If you’re not sure if LPG or natural gas is the right option for you, call Rapid Plumbing Group today for advice from our experts!

For Australians in Sydney that have access to natural gas, there may be some confusion as to whether it is a better option than LPG or not. Here are some pros for each:


  • No supply charges
  • Portable tank
  • Creates a hotter flame
  • More widely available

Natural Gas:

  • More efficient burning
  • Safer in a gas leak
  • More environmentally-friendly
  • Supplied constantly through a line so you won’t run out

If you can’t tell which is best for you, Rapid Plumbing Group’s technicians can answer that question for you.

LPG & Natural Gas
Family-owned and run

Family-Owned, Family-Run

We started as a family business with humble beginnings from Penrith, and have continued to grow both as a business and as people. Our team is family to us, and so is the local community. We take good care of our own, and that includes you and your needs.



Rapid Plumbing Group has worked on large-scale projects with big clients, such as NSW Fire Services, schools across the state, and various local councils. We have consistently exceeded expectations by outperforming KPIs and finishing well before deadlines. Naturally, you can expect the same speed on your demands.

Quality Customer Service

Quality customer service

Our services come at an upfront, affordable price, no surprise or hidden charges involved. We are perfectionists who are proud of our work. We strive to get everything done right the first time, and if someone doesn't agree, we always come back to fix it until everyone is happy, no extra charge. We’re COVID-certified and have been trained in the proper practices. As always, we value safety above all.

LPG & Natural Gas Sydney FAQs

Are LPG and natural gas interchangeable?

Most appliances are only compatible with either LPG or natural gas and not both; they will either have to be converted or replaced if a switch is to be made. Failure to use the correct appliances can result in great danger.

Do natural gas and LPG go bad?

Both natural gas and LPG have infinite shelf life. Instead, the limiting factor to their storage is the tanks they are in. Natural gas is typically routed directly to your home from the provider, so there is no upkeep involved. For LPG, your gas cylinder may last anywhere between 10 to 20 years.

I am interested in natural gas but my area is not served. What can I do?

The only way is to request a service extension from the provider so that they start coverage in your area as well.