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Shower Leak Repairs

Shower Leak Repairs

Shower Leak Repairs Sydney

Is your shower leaking and in need of repair? Look no further than Rapid Plumbing Group!

A shower leak can lead to water damage and mould growth in your bathroom, not to mention a hefty water bill. Sometimes, replacing a showerhead may be relatively simple, but if the leak isn’t happening outside, you’ll need help to tackle the issue.

Rapid Plumbing Group’s team of expert plumbers have years of experience handling shower repairs. We understand the inconvenience and stress a faulty shower can bring, which is why we offer prompt and efficient service to get your shower back in working order as quickly as possible. Simply give us a call and we will sort things out in a flush.

Shower Leak Repairs

Family-owned and run

Family-Owned, Family-Run

We started as a family business with humble beginnings from Penrith, and have continued to grow both as a business and as people. Our team is family to us, and so is the local community. We take good care of our own, and that includes you and your needs.



Rapid Plumbing Group has worked on large-scale projects with big clients, such as NSW Fire Services, schools across the state, and various local councils. We have consistently exceeded expectations by outperforming KPIs and finishing well before deadlines. Naturally, you can expect the same speed on your demands.

Quality Customer Service

Quality customer service

Our services come at an upfront, affordable price, no surprise or hidden charges involved. We are perfectionists who are proud of our work. We strive to get everything done right the first time, and if someone doesn't agree, we always come back to fix it until everyone is happy, no extra charge. We’re COVID-certified and have been trained in the proper practices. As always, we value safety above all.

Shower Leak Repairs Sydney FAQs

What are the signs that I have a shower leak?

Some telltale signs include:

  • Dampness on walls, floors or other surfaces
  • Mould or mildew growth in the bathroom
  • Cracks in the ceiling
  • Musty smell

If you notice these signs, it's important to have the problem addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Call Rapid Plumbing Today!

Why do I need to fix a shower leak straight away?

A shower leak can cause serious damage to your home if it is not fixed promptly. Water can seep through tiles and into walls, causing mould and mildew to grow. This also weakens the structure of your home, leading to expensive repairs. Give the specialists at Rapid Plumbing a call today to prevent that!

Why is my shower leaking?

Causes can vary, between problems with the shower head or the shower pipes in the walls. Call Rapid Plumbing to have a plumber diagnose the issue properly on-site.